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                Welcome to LA & Associates

Businesses, no matter what their size is, come with a certain budget they cannot exceed and they have to function within this limit. We aim to make sure the resources are used effectively and efficiently. Our value addition to the business will go a long way to establishing it as a well functioning organization and a leader in your field.
LACA Nepal comes with a decade long history and adept personnel's who will work in a highly professional way being within regulations affecting the client. Our group researches the best accounting and auditing practices in national and international field offering relevant advice. Our services range from topics including Audit and Assurance, Business Development Services, Taxation and Regulatory, and Advisory Services.
Please feel free to navigate our website and know in detail the service in the offering. You can contact us and put any queries you have.
                                                                        Who We Are   
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                         Our History

Established in 2006 under the proprietorship of Lalit Aryal, FCA., we have accumulated vast knowledge about the performance of diverse industries over the decade.

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                           Our Team

We have, at your disposal, highly efficient and qualified personnel. They will work to make sure our clients get the best result for your business.

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               Corporate Responsibility

Based on the study of our clients' business, their need, we provide financial reports and sound advice. These reports are user specific thus bettering the performance.